Have you ever felt like something was amiss, like you didn’t quite fit in, as if everything you did to earn the love and belonging you craved kept collapsing like a house of cards?

As if the feeling

of being worthy of love and belonging was forever just outside your reach?

Angry man at sewing machine

Then Square Peg might just speak to you.

It’s about love and pain and loss.
It’s about sensuous silken fabrics draped on the bias,
and Body Shop Cucumber Cleanser.
It’s about broken hearts.
It’s about a wounded man who wounded his son.
It’s about cross dressing.
It’s about a young South Asian prostitute, and a German photographer called Sophie.
It’s about sex and it’s about handcrafted leather accessories.
It’s about poetry and blackbirds.
It’s about mid-life crises and when your back’s against the wall.
It’s about catharsis.
And finally, it’s about hope.
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